The Hammerskin nation is a racialist skinhead faction on LS-RP geared at portraying the lifestyle of lower class whites in the city.
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 IC Faction Rules

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IC Faction Rules Empty
PostSubject: IC Faction Rules   IC Faction Rules Icon_minitimeFri Sep 07, 2012 12:49 am

Hammerskin nation los santos chapter bylaw:

1. Always wear your boots and tattoos with pride, do not bring shame over the nation.

2. Always follow your higher rank and respect them.

3. Do not snitch or tell any outsider about the nation doing.

4. Attend at the nation events, you must have a good reason for not showing up.

5. Never do anything that would harm the nation.

6. Do not hide your tattoos or boots, if you do this it would be taking as a disrespect towards our nation.

((Just started alittle edit if you don't like them, I'll add more later.))
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IC Faction Rules
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