The Hammerskin nation is a racialist skinhead faction on LS-RP geared at portraying the lifestyle of lower class whites in the city.
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 OOC Faction Rules

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OOC Faction Rules Empty
PostSubject: OOC Faction Rules   OOC Faction Rules Icon_minitimeFri Sep 07, 2012 12:47 am

Upon joining this faction, leaders have the authority to PK/CK any Prospective/full member if the need arises, associates will only receive a PK if it is necessary.
Our goal is to portray the lives of white working class skinheads, because of this it is necessary that members must be chosen carefully. If you have a habit of breaking server rules & making the faction look bad, expect to be removed with no hesitation.

1. OOC Racism is not allowed, this is a server rule.
I don't care what your RL views are; Violators will be CK'd from the faction, simple.

2. Follow Server Rules at ALL TIMES.

3. Minimalize the use of /b or OOC chat while in role-play. If you have something to say to someone during RP use PM, unless it is important.

4. Breaking any of the faction rules, or demands requested by the leaders can become a Character/Player Kill.

5. On our forum; rules are relatively lax. Don't break the first rule, spam, or post pornography and we'll have no problems.
Rules on our chatroom are generally the same.

6. On the LS-RP forum, your conduct in any future faction thread we might have impacts how others view us. So behave yourself.

7. Always show OOCly respect towards other factions.

Understood? Very Happy
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OOC Faction Rules
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